Hi, I’m Suzan Preston-Eyles

I gained many years of practice since commencing training in 1995 in the model of psychodynamic and developmental psychology. Since then I have recognised that not one model will fit everyone and decided to develop further by training in person centred counselling for depression, cognitive behaviour therapy, life coaching, Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP), emotional freedom technique (EFT) and solution focused brief therapy.

Most of the therapies offered will help with Depression, Anxiety, Phobias, trauma, social phobias, OCD, pain, loss, over/underwhelm of emotions and weight adjustments etc. Through my work I aim to deliver therapies that are tailored to your personal and unique needs, helping to bring you into optimum health. I consider the body physical and emotional as a whole.

  • 29 years’ experience
  • Trained MBACP accredited and registered counsellor
  • working both privately, with the NHS and GP surgeries
  • Following training in other models of therapy I have developed my work as an Integrative therapist
  • Reiki & Seichem Master, Pathway Balancing Kinesiology Practitioner
  • Qualified in Pathway Balancing & Soul Journey Kinesiology, and Touch for Health

Please have a look through the website. If you are interested in anything please do contact me to discuss further.


Emotional Freedom Technique

EFT often referred to as ‘Tapping’ gives you the power to heal yourself. The practice consists of tapping with your fingertips on specific meridian points which correspond with emotions and organs of the body, while talking through traumatic memories or other similar images such as having a panic attack, fear of going to deliver a public speech, phobias, intolerances and allergic reactions to foods and other things etc…

Eye Movement Desensitisation Reprocessing

Research has been conducted on the efficacy and benefits of EMDR in the treatment of trauma arising from the effects of war related experiences, childhood abuse or neglect, natural disaster, assault, road traffic accidents and workplace accidents. Recent research has also demonstrated the benefits of its use for phobias, anxiety disorders, depression, eating disorder and chronic pain…

Pathway Balancing Kinesiology

The word Kinesiology means ‘the study of human muscular movement’. In holistic healthcare ‘kinesiology’ means muscle testing, such as the test performed on the arms and legs by a chiropractor. The muscle only contracts or switches on when the nerves send a signal to fire up the muscle. So, it’s more accurately a form of neurological testing. By using this method, we are able to ask the body to reveal its inner wisdom about health and wellbeing…

Metamorphic Technique

Based on Reflexology this technique was further developed by Robert St John. Whilst carrying out Reflexology working on specific areas of the foot he noticed that the client would often start up a conversation in regards to their birth or their parents often releasing memories about the birth. Our Birth is one of the most traumatic things that ever happen to us. We carry the memory in our unconscious mind. The first decision we ever make in life is the decision to be born…

‘Embodying The Promise Of Freedom’