Reiki & Seichem – Distant Healing

It is possible to send healing to another person or animal. The therapist will sit quietly and focus on the name or image of the object to be healed and send out healing energies to that person requesting from the universe and your own God for the best possible outcome.

World healing/healers link at 10.30pm and this is generally when we like to send healing, although it can be done at any time. We can also request it be sent at specific times during the day for example every 4 hours.

A Reiki & Seichem therapist can also use ancient Japanese sacred symbols of energy with the healing or the therapist will focus on the unwell part of the body sending healing to it and then imaging the person whole and well. 

Over the years distant healing has proved very successful with a lot of feedback, once I was contacted by a Consultant in another country who asked for healing for one of their patients, a little boy aged 6 years who was unable to speak and had very little control over his body after being affectively dead for thirty minutes after drowning, after a few weeks of healing I received another letter stating this little boy had said ‘mama’ for the first time since the accident, and was now walking a little, he asked if I could focus on his bladder. This reaching out for further help when all else is lost in the medical arena suggests that some of our medics are more open to this way, even though it was a last resort.

How is it done?

It can help if the person is able to sit quietly and focus, so I have provided a mandala to do this shown below.

Just sit quietly with the mobile phone turned off, and allow your eyes to rest gently on the image, allow yourself to be drawn into the centre. Sometimes people report feelings of heat, cold, tingling and many other sensations as you make the connection. 

It is not necessary to believe in the healing but to have a desire to be fully well and functioning on all levels is a great advantage. 

If for any reason the healing is not accepted on some level then it will come back to the healer. It is never wasted and is never forced against someone’s will.

This service is freely given – a gift from me to you, all you need to do is to email me to give me the name of the person and the issue if possible. Also, its really good to get some feedback!! 

I look forward to doing this for you.

Reiki & Seichem - Distant Healing