Metamorphic Technique

What is Metamorphic technique?

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Based on Reflexology this technique was further developed by Robert St John. Whilst carrying out Reflexology working on specific areas of the foot he noticed that the client would often start up a conversation in regards to their birth or their parents often releasing memories about the birth.

Our Birth is one of the most traumatic things that ever happen to us. We carry the memory in our unconscious mind. The first decision we ever make in life is the decision to be born. If this decision is taken from us for example by an induced birth this can sometimes lead to indecisiveness in life decisions. 

A study of twins has shown that one twin is more dominant than the other. This twin was the one that made the decision to be born: the other had no choice but to follow. Therefore, they will rely on the more dominant twin to make decisions for both of them.

Caesarean births are necessary for the safety of the mother and the baby, but again no the baby is not able to make the first decision to be born, therefore it can be often indecisive and if we think how the baby enters the world, thrust into a crowd of people, later on in life when in crowded situations it can sometimes evoke this memory and cause them to feel panic.

We are also aware that the baby is aware of what is going on outside of the womb. Any trauma through the pregnancy or during birthing process could cause anxiety, which could then cause energy blocks, the person could then carry this characteristic into later life. 

What happens in a session?

During a session you remain fully clothed, seated in a comfortable chair while the practitioner performs the massage, they will apply gentle circular or gentle taps to specific areas on the feet, then hands and last of all the head. 

The purpose of the session is not to diagnose illness or address specific issues but to support the gentle self-healing at an emotional and psychological level.

What to expect following a treatment?

It is not possible to state what everyone can expect, as it is the persons own life energy that causes the transformation. 

The practitioner is merely a catalyst and remains detached during the session to allow the client to release past blockages in their own way. After having Metamorphic technique many people find themselves manging their lives in a different way. Relationships may change and they often take a different path in their career, as they transform their patterns of behaviour.

Most people find it deeply relaxing and some feel so relaxed the often fall asleep. 

We do encourage people to drink plenty of water to help the healing process and avoid toxic headaches.

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