Pathway Balancing Kinesiology

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What is this? 

Kinesiology began in the 1920’s by a surgeon R.W. Lovett. This work was further developed by Henry and Florence Kendall who published a book on Muscle Testing and Function, in 1949. Later further development of this therapy was enhanced by Dr George Goodheart and John Thie.

John Thie further developed this by introducing his manual on ‘Touch for Health’ and Pathway Balancing Kinesiology used this as the foundation for basic energy balancing.

The word Kinesiology means ‘the study of human muscular movement’. In holistic healthcare ‘kinesiology’ means muscle testing, such as the test performed on the arms and legs by a chiropractor. The muscle only contracts or switches on when the nerves send a signal to fire up the muscle. So, it’s more accurately a form of neurological testing. By using this method, we are able to ask the body to reveal its inner wisdom about health and wellbeing.

When we are working in Pathway Balancing we are asking verbal questions around a specific protocol. There is a map that a clinician follows which checks the persons basic energy flow, the level of awareness on the journey of life and the health of the soul, spirit and heart field. The Pathway balancing journey material is unique, original and only available from fully trained, qualified, practitioners.

There are currently only seven trained practitioners in the world. PBK the journey was developed by Corrina (Kennedy)nee Bolton.

It never ceases to amaze the therapist at how precise and accurately it will root out the cause of any blocks to us living in success with all our needs met. It then balances out any blocks such as fear of success, repeated patterns of insecurity or health problems etc. It is very versatile and can accommodate people of all age’s, denominations and cultures.

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